Mark Dion - Colección Jumex: On the Razor's Edge | Mark Dion
Museo Jumex

On the Razor?s Edge is an international exhibition of works from Colección Jumex. Organized by Patricia Marshall, who has played an influential role in the formation of the collection, the exhibition brings together works within four thematic sections: migration and liberty; the human body; its environment; and the irrepressible and forever incomplete passage of time.

Through the works of more than 40 international artists, On the Razor?s Edge approaches these urgent issues faced in the contemporary world and the precariousness of life within it. Together, On the Razor?s Edge acts as a meditation on these struggles as individual, a society, and as part of the world and time in which we live together.

Among the artists included are Carlos Amorales, Mark Dion, Isa Genzken, Dan Graham, Damien Hirst, Alfredo Jaar, Danh Vo, whose practices that explore psychological and physical conditions of life in these uncertain times, where manmade and natural forces are in constant tension.

Founded in 2001, la Colección Jumex is one of the most significant private collections of contemporary art in Latin America with more than 3000 works. The exhibition provides a reading of the collection that represents its breadth, currency, and international perspective.

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