Mark Dion - Wunderkammer 2 | Mark Dion
Esbjerg Art Museum

Wunderkammer 2 is the second exhibition in a series of three wunderkammer exhibitions for which Esbjerg Art Museum, in 2017, received Vision - the Exhibition Award.
In our three present-day wunderkammers, we intend to unite art with research from various scientific areas with which we are all familiar, and feel confortable with, from our daily lives. Our outset is the viewpoints of the physicist, the artist and the biologist respectively. Wunderkammer 1 was arranged in cooperation with professor of physics at The Technical University of Denmark, Tomas Bohr. Wunderkammer 2 is arranged in cooperation with the American artist Mark Dion, and Wunderkammer 3 is jointly organized with Professor Eske Willerslev and Associate Professor Martin Sikora from The Natural History Museum of Denmark and The Centre for Geogenetics at The University of Copenhagen.
By involving these outstanding scientists from areas radically different from the art sciences, it is our ambition to connect the art experience with the surrounding world at a primary level, so that we through meeting with art, are brought closer to the world and get opportunity to reflect on the basic elements of our existence. This is evident in Mark Dion's total installation, in which wunderkammer, art work, and objects from our everyday lives merge.

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