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Amir Nave
To Give What Is Due

To Give What Is Due


« International exposure is a crucial stage in an artist's life and development. It is a phase where a clash between two cultures can reveal a beautiful and fertile bond, and in my exhibition I suggest an additional perspective. It is an invitation to view my reflections and observations about art, coming from a different soil, culture, and life. [...]

In my artistic research destruction tells me more than construction. I'm not afraid when I'm painting. It is something that I can't really explain. It is to be in another dimension. And the struggle within my painting is connected the relationship between emptiness and the fullness. There are "full" works and "empty" works. This polarization interests me. For me, emptiness can provoke creativity because it is our way of describing something that we cannot fully conceive of. Emptiness is outside the realm of language.

Amir Nave, Three doors, at the edge of the cliff, interview with Claire Luna, (extract), 2018